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miércoles, 21 de agosto de 2013

ver Pelicula Iron Man 3 (2013) online HD 720p completa

ver Pelicula Iron Man 3 (2013) online HD 720p completa
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Considerada una de las mejores producciones del cine contemporáneo, puedes ver mas peliculas en calidad hd, desde la comodidad de tu casa y sin gastar ningún dolar.


Saw IRON MAN 3 last night and it was superb. It was the sequel IRON MAN 2 should have been but wasn't and the perfect extrapolation of life after AVENGERS ASSEMBLE. The set pieces are suitably awesome and the acting performances are uniformly excellent from the leads right down to the tiniest bit part (there's a jewel of a cameo from a guard that upstages even Downey's comic timing). The script gets the balance between the epic and the personal just right and Sir Ben delivers two performance for the price of one and both are genius (can't say more - spoilers!). Mr Downey Jr also manages to show even more of the complexity of Tony Stark. Just when you think there's no more to be fracked out of that particular mine, he goes deeper. The writer set out to deliver a fun story and that's exactly what it is. It draws you in from the first moments and doesn't let go. What more could you possibly want? Go see it. Don't listen to the comic book fanatics who rant and rave because it doesn't follow the comic books. I am an IM movie fanatic and this movie is worth the price of admission. I have had high expectations of this movie going into it, and I was not disappointed. I have read many of the negative reviews and I want to offset them. I am not a comic book fan and I don't know anything about them. I am an Iron Man/Tony Stark fan because of Robert Downey Jr.'s portrayal, the witty writing, and the action. I can even stomach Gwyneth Paltrow for a couple of hours in this movie franchise. I admit, the ending wasn't what I expected, but it was appropriate. It will give viewers that Hollywood version of life. Spoiler!!!!!!!!!! Read on with mild spoilers. In real life, if your house blows up and slides into the sea...you don't come back from it. If you are a comic book/movie billionaire, you do. The "Easter Egg" at the end was funny, but no SLJ or teaser for another movie. I was really rooting for Pepper

Opción 2: (Vk Server y otros Servidores 1link) Recuerda que también puedes mirar ver Pelicula Iron Man 3 (2013) online HD 720p completa de forma total gratuita en los enlaces de descarga que aparecen en la parte inferior de la película (Si no aparecen los enlaces presionar f5). 

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