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jueves, 18 de julio de 2013

Ver Pelicula La casa al final de la calle ONLINE GRATIS

Ver Pelicula La casa al final de la calle ONLINE GRATIS

Considerada una de las mejores producciones del cine contemporáneo, puedes ver mas peliculas en calidad hd, desde la comodidad de tu casa y sin gastar ningún dolar.

So I just caught this movie September 30, 2012 and I really wanted to like it. But when I saw the decreasing rating from 6.4 to now 5.9, I was worried. I asked: what's wrong with this movie? and should I even go see it? I am so glad I ignored the bad rating. I normally don't care what other people about movies, but I was a little skeptical to see it after seeing so many bad reviews. House at the End of the Street is about Elissa and her mom Sarah moving to a new house that is very cheap because the house next door had a double-murder of the parents there by their "daughter Carrie-Ann". Elissa meets the surviving son Ryan and befriends him, unbeknownst to her that he is hiding "Carrie-Ann" in his basement and a dark secret. Jennifer Lawrence is probably one of my favorite actresses and the movies I've seen her in she is phenomenal. She proved herself once again that she is a worthy force in Hollywood. Max Thierot: I don't really know this actor, but he does a very nice job in the role of Ryan. Elizabeth Sh OK so this movie is really screwed up and everything but i saw it with 10 of my friends for a movie night and it was the perfect pick. 1st of all, it has one of the best story lines i have ever seen in a movie. another movie with a great story line was Sinister. Also, Jennifer Lawrence was casted perfectly for the part. The plot twists were phenomenal. when they showed that Ryan was the demented one and that Carrie Anne was actually dead, everyone fell dead silent since that was so unexpected. Some parts though are predictable, like when she's in the basement with the flashlight looking for Ryan and he pops out of nowhere. but in the last scene where there is a little kid celebrating their birthday and the mom goes, "Happy Birthday Carrie Anne!" and the kid goes, "My name is Ryan!" and was slapped and the movie ended, all of our jaws hit the floor. It was crazy.

Opción 2: (Vk Server y otros Servidores 1link) Recuerda que también puedes mirar Ver Pelicula La casa al final de la calle ONLINE GRATIS de forma total gratuita en los enlaces de descarga que aparecen en la parte inferior de la película (Si no aparecen los enlaces presionar f5). 

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