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jueves, 18 de julio de 2013

Ver Pelicula Black Rock ONLINE GRATIS

Ver Pelicula Black Rock ONLINE GRATIS

Considerada una de las mejores producciones del cine contemporáneo, puedes ver mas peliculas en calidad hd, desde la comodidad de tu casa y sin gastar ningún dolar.
Kate Aselton's Black Rock concerns three girls who venture out into what they believe is a deserted, peaceful island encompassed by woods and unrefined nature until they run into three war veterans who are spending their time out in the countryside hunting and living off the land. The girls invite them to their camp for longnecks and food, when one tries to rape and attack one of the girls. This leads to turmoil and tension between the three girls and vets, who are now playing a cat and mouse game with each other in an unfamiliar turf. The girls are Abby (played by director Kate Aselton), Lou (Lake Bell), and Sarah (Kate Bosworth). Lou and Abby haven't spoken in months after a cheating incident left them what appeared to be irreparably broken and hurt. Sarah tries to be the glue that holds the three girls closer, claiming that they could die from unexpected circumstances tomorrow and they wouldn't have the luxury of "living," if that makes sense. As always, the planned outing turns deadly in a series of un This movie was a pleasant surprise. I was thinking when I got this that it may be average at best, but it was totally the opposite. A very well crafted story and the acting was pretty good too. The plot was better than expected also. The movie started off nicely, three women who were good friends in the past get back together for the first time since they were kids to spend time on an island called Black Rock. They meet some local hunters and find out they know one of them from when they were children. After inviting them to join them in a few drinks on the beach, the atmosphere changes into one of panic and horror as the situation and friendships are turned on their head in a brutal confrontation. The in- your-face plot and some of the scenes had me gripped and actually caring about the main characters. Things just go from one horrible situation to another and it leaves you no time to adjust to it. As I said, I was pleasantly surprised by this film, it wasn't anything I was expecting. I give it a solid 8 out

Opción 2: (Vk Server y otros Servidores 1link) Recuerda que también puedes mirar Ver Pelicula Black Rock ONLINE GRATIS de forma total gratuita en los enlaces de descarga que aparecen en la parte inferior de la película (Si no aparecen los enlaces presionar f5). 

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