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lunes, 17 de junio de 2013

Ver Pelicula Skyline La invasion ONLINE GRATIS

Ver Pelicula Skyline: La invasión ONLINE GRATIS
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Considerada una de las mejores producciones del cine contemporáneo, puedes ver mas peliculas en calidad hd, desde la comodidad de tu casa y sin gastar ningún dolar.
After reading so many negative reviews I was actually considering not going to watch it.... I was expecting the worst I even took my android phone in case it was really bad and I could of played a couple of games. This film doesn't follow the Hollywood method it doesn't have a normal ending, characters are not printed on politically correct paper. I found the reactions of the people involved to be realistic, normal people with small minds and grasping to small problems in a situation they have no control over.. A humankind shown to be 99.999% normal petty and none heroic. We watch so many films that follow a formula that show man out to be this amazing being who always survives always wins we are so use to being saved and its not really true is it ? We don't have a ace pilot or elitist hacker we don't have a superhero to fix it all, we be in trouble if something more advanced than us comes to play. To me this makes it an awesome film and strangely I found the rest of the people in the cinema big aliens big fights scenes great movie for the money spent on it i can not wait for number 2 the plot is they come to harvest our brains to use so they can procreate a bit like the Borg in star trek films its not a dull film plenty of action in it and the aliens remind me a bit those in crisis games the two snipers at the end with interventions rifles how bad are they at aiming they sud of at least played cod for some tips i loved the airplanes battles predators f-19s f-16s all the planes in the USAF this film is a cross between independence day and transformers its got it all anyway if you like sci fie like me please watch this movie it wont disappoint you at all 8/10 great film

Opción 2: (Vk Server y otros Servidores 1link) Recuerda que también puedes mirar Ver Pelicula Skyline La invasion ONLINE GRATIS de forma total gratuita en los enlaces de descarga que aparecen en la parte inferior de la película (Si no aparecen los enlaces presionar f5). 

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