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jueves, 13 de junio de 2013

Ver Pelicula Behind The Candelabra ONLINE GRATIS

Ver Pelicula Behind The Candelabra ONLINE GRATIS
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Considerada una de las mejores producciones del cine contemporáneo, puedes ver mas peliculas en calidad hd, desde la comodidad de tu casa y sin gastar ningún dolar.


I just watched this movie and I felt immediately compelled to write a review. Michael Douglas carries the movie amazingly well. I have seen him in many movies but after seeing him playing Liberace tonight I have only respect for him. Matt Damon did a good job too but certainly not near as great as the job Douglas did. I am amazed that no studio wanted to do this movie. I liked Brokeback Mountain but I never connected with the gay relationship it portrayed. Here, the relationship feels sincere, much more natural. Douglas never looks like a caricature, a path that could have been easily to go for, He looks like a real person (I never saw Liberace perform). Great job Mr. Douglas, you have won a fan! I would not want to be the person shopping around a serious script in Hollywood about the life of the famous pianist Liberace. It would be the toughest of sells to a culture that would likely feel the material is too dry and the demand too little. A slightly campier script, with luxurious set design and intimate portrayals of characters the public wouldn't likely know about is what I'd like to get my hands on. The story of Liberace is stranger than fiction and dryer, more serious material could've corrupted its overall goals and ambitions. The film with the campier script, luxurious set designs, and intimate portrayals is Steven Soderbergh's Behind the Candelabra, a wonderful, limitless look at the life of Liberace, an enigma in every sense of the word. In addition to playing many sold-out shows, the man had a lovelife like no other at the time, meeting and becoming fast friends with Scott Thorson, an aspiring veterinarian who was quickly made his lover. Thorson seemed to have a genuine understanding of th

Opción 2: (Vk Server y otros Servidores 1link) Recuerda que también puedes mirar Ver Pelicula Behind The Candelabra ONLINE GRATIS de forma total gratuita en los enlaces de descarga que aparecen en la parte inferior de la película (Si no aparecen los enlaces presionar f5). 

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